Olis Bargalló celebrated last February at the Barra Gourmet of Barcelona, ​​a blind tasting to show that, without seeing the oil, tast olis6you can distinguish one from the other.The tasting was in charge of Mª Àngels Calvo, head of the Official Tasting Panel of Olive Oils of Catalonia, member of the Expert Group on Sensory Analysis of the International Olive Oil Board (IOC).
Journalists specialized in gastronomy, and chefs such as Romain Fornell, Sergi de Meià, and Chef of the Year 17, Albert Mendiola, participated.
“Oil is a living product that, depending on the weather, the campaign and how it evolves in the bottle, its characteristics may vary,” recalled M ª Àngels Calvo. The tasting of oils requires a ritual, to perceive the maximum of characteristics. In this way, the oil is served and covered. For 30 seconds the glass is held with the hand to warm it and turns are made to intensify the aroma. Then it’s time to smell. Next, it is tested, leaving it in the mouth for a few seconds to take temperature and to detect the nuances of the oil (taste and texture).
With these acts, Olis Bargalló maintains its didactic spirit of expanding the culture of olive oil.

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