[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In its 148th issue, the specialised gastronomic magazine for professional restaurateurs and hoteliers, Saber i Sabor, presents a long report on the OILAB project developed by Carles Tejedor, who through his OILMOTION brand aims to explain the virtues of olive oil and promote its potential in cooking.
With this project, Carles Tejedor hopes to reveal new textures and aromas by playing with olive oil and bringing technology to the world of gastronomy.
As part of the OILAB project, research will be done in its laboratories on the new applications and textures of olive oil, and thanks to OILMOTION it is hoped to create new oils with a high standard of quality and in which Olis Bargalló also takes part as advisors specialised in olive oils.

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